How To Make +1000 USD Every Month by Promoting Royalty-Free Music on YouTube

In this article, we’ll explain step by step how to make +1000 USD in passive income every single month by promoting royalty-free music on YouTube. Anyone can do this, and it’s completely free to do/start – you do not need to invest any money at all. This article is based on how we have built/grown our own promotional music channel No Copyright Background Music on YouTube to +650,000 subscribers, and how we have earned +2000 USD in passive income from YouTube monetization every single month for the past 7 years.

In the era of digital content creation, you might assume that showing your face and sharing personal experiences is a necessity to make money on YouTube. But in reality, a lot of people have started and grown huge YouTube channels without ever showing their faces or delving into their personal lives.

One way to generate income without personal exposure is by creating a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing royalty-free music. Aspiring filmmakers, YouTubers, and other content creators are constantly in search of free high-quality music for their projects that won’t give them copyright issues. By uploading and promoting a selection of such music on YouTube, you cater to this demand and can earn through YouTube’s Partner (Monetization) Program, exactly like all other creators on YouTube.

The advantage of creating a promotional music channel compared to other faceless YouTube channel ideas is that you don’t have to come up with new video ideas, write scripts, and spend many hours producing the videos. In short, all you need to do is download some royalty-free music from e.g. Free To Use, add some visual material to the music (copyright free images, royalty-free stock videos, or visual effects – like we’ve done here:, and then upload the video to YouTube with an SEO optimized thumbnail, title, and description.

So, let’s break down step by step how we have built/grown our own promotional music channel No Copyright Background Music on YouTube to earn +2000 USD every month, and how you can do exactly the same!

STEP 1: Find royalty-free music that you’re allowed to promote on your own YouTube channel. We suggest using music from the Free To Use platform because you can easily browse, listen to, and download unlimited high-quality music. This platform is owned and operated by us (Free To Use Music), so you can be 100% sure that the music is actually royalty-free and you have our permission to promote it on your own YouTube channel as long as you include correct attribution – artist name(s) and track title(s) of the music you promote and a link to

STEP 2: Import the music you’ve downloaded to a video editing program/software and add some visual material/effects to the music. This can be royalty-free images from e.g. Unsplash, stock video from e.g. Storyblocks, AI-generated content from tools such as Midjourney, or visual effects created using After Effects’ audio spectrum tool. You can choose to make a video with a single music track or you can choose to make a playlist-style video with multiple music tracks (like we’ve done here:

STEP 3: Upload the video you’ve created to YouTube. While you do not have to spend much time creating the videos, you do have to put some time and effort into making/writing appealing and SEO-optimized thumbnails, titles, and descriptions. Keep in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – right after Google, so if you’re good a optimizing your videos to rank high in YouTube searches, then your videos will keep getting passive views from YouTube search results long after they have been published. 

A good idea is to use popular search keywords such as no copyright music, copyright free music, royalty free music, free background music, and free to use music in the title and description of your video. Another great idea is to look a other channels promoting royalty-free music to see how they make their thumbnails and write their titles and descriptions. Here is a list of a few successful YouTube channels promoting royalty-free music to get inspiration from: 
No Copyright Background Music
Audio Library
Vlog No Copyright Music

In addition, you must always remember to include correct attribution in your video description by writing the artist name(s) and track title(s) of the music you’ve promoted and include a link to where you tell your subscribers that they can easily download the music for their own videos.
If we find channels that promote music from Free To Use without including correct attribution, then we will file copyright infringement claims on their videos – getting 3 of these copyright infringement claims will result in your YouTube channel being deleted, so it’s important to include correct attribution. 

Last but not least it’s important to know that it takes time to build a successful YouTube channel that promotes royalty-free music – it might take many months before you start seeing results, but as long as you keep uploading new videos consistently and improving the thumbnails, titles, and descriptions of your videos, then we can guarantee that you will see results! This business model only requires time, a computer, and an internet connection, so anyone can get started immediately, and in the end, it can give you both financial, time, and location freedom, so if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, the reward will also be high!