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Frequently Asked Questions

by content creators

1. Can I use your music in my video?

Yes, all our music is FREE and SAFE to use as background music in your personal user-generated content on various media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and Facebook as long as you attribute the artist properly… READ MORE

2. Can I use your music for my own song?

No, it is strictly forbidden and very illegal to create a derivate composition and claim it as your own music, even if the music has been transformed or edited, or if you have added other instruments or vocals to the music. We do file copyright infringement claims and take legal action against anyone who re-distributes our music.

3. How do I properly attribute the artist?

For all tracks released on our record label Free To Use Music, you must give proper attribution by including the track title and artist name somewhere in your video description. We’ve written examples of how to properly attribute the artists on different social media platforms READ MORE

4. Can I use your music for commercial purposes or without attributing the artist?

If you are a private person or working on behalf of a company, and you wish to use our music without having to attribute the artist and/or for commercial purposes (e.g. company video, advertisement, podcast, TV show, TV commercial, movie, or another media format), then you must purchase a licenseREAD MORE

5. Do I need to buy a license and which one should I buy?

You must purchase a license if one of the following scenarios below applies to you.

1) You want to use our music for a personal project where you don’t want to attribute the artist or you’re not able to attribute the artist (e.g. a podcast or video for social media). In this case, you must purchase a “Personal License” for 15 € from our shop

2) You want to use our music on behalf of your company for a commercial project (e.g. advertisement on social media or in a company video for your social media profiles and/or company website). In this case, you must purchase a “Company License” for 40 € from our shop. 

3) You want to use our music for a special type of projectREAD MORE

6. I have got a copyright claim on my YouTube video, what do I do?

You’ll receive a copyright claim on your YouTube video if you use our music without including proper attribution to the artist in your video description. A copyright claim means you cannot monetize/earn any revenue from your YouTube video. A copyright claim does not affect your video or YouTube channel in a bad way. It simply means that all revenue generated from your YouTube video will go toward the artist… READ MORE

7. Can I upload your music to my own music channel on YouTube?

No, this is not allowed. The music released on Free To Use Music is intended to be used as background music* for personal user-generated content** posted on various media platforms. It is illegal to upload our music as “standalone” to your own music channel on YouTube. If we find YouTube channels re-uploading our music… READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

by music artists

1. Why should I release my music on the Free To Use Music record label?

There are many benefits when releasing your music through our record label. We release your music properly on all major music stores and streaming services. We promote your music as much as possible across all our platforms (including the No Copyright Background Music YouTube channel and our popular Spotify playlists with tens of thousands of followers). We handle everything from distribution and promotion to selling licenses and taking care of copyright management etc.. so you can focus your time on doing what you do best – producing music… READ MORE

2. How do I get my music released on the Free To Use Music label and/or promoted on the No Copyright Background Music YT-channel?

First of all you need to produce good high quality music. Then the next step is to submit your music. The ONLY way to submit your music is through this form. We will not accept or listen to any music that we get sent on email or social media. We get a lot of music submissions everyday… READ MORE

3. How do I know you have received my music submission?

If you have filled out everything correctly, then you should get a confirmation message at the end saying something like “You’ve now successfully submitted your music”– when you get this confirmation message, then you can be 100% sure that we’ve received your submission. 

4. Do you only promote specific music genres?

The music can be within all kinds of genres and categories, but the more “theme/genre-based” the music is the better. When creators are searching for music for their videos, they’re often using search terms such as “happy music, sad music, piano music, chill music, energetic, guitar music, etc”. If your music is easy to categorize, then more people will find the music and use it in their videos – and the more people who are using your music the more money you’ll be earning. However, we prefer music without the use of vocals, as this is often more suitable as background music.