Frequently Asked Question

How do I legally download the music from the
No Copyright Background Music YouTube channel?

STEP 1: In order to download the music you must be on a PC – downloading on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will not work. 

STEP 2: Then you will need to find the music track you want to download on our YouTube-channel. 

STEP 3: Scroll down into the description of the video and find the place where it says ‘Free Download’ – underneath this text there will be a download link provided by the original artist. 

STEP 4: Click on this download link – you will now be taken to a new page (most likely a download gate like or Here you will usually need to follow the artist on e.g. SoundCloud or Spotify. This way the artist also gets something in return by being able to grow his/her following, and we think this is a quite fair deal for both parts.

WeIf you want to make sure that you get the absolute highest quality audio file, and or maybe you for some reason do not want to go through a download gate and have to follow the artist, then you will find a direct download link just above the free download link (on all music tracks published in 2021 and later). 

In order to access these direct download links you will need to become a channel member by clicking the JOIN button right next to the subscribe button. Once you’ve become a channel member, then you will be able to download music through the direct download links. When clicking on a direct download link you will be taken to an exclusive community post only visible to channel members – here you will find another direct download link to the music track on google drive. Click on this link and the music track will be downloaded in the highest quality audio format right onto your computer. 

After you’ve downloaded the music then it’s of course completely okay to cancel your channel membership, but we do certainly hope that you would like to support us and stay as a member for more than a single month! We will keep releasing more good music, so maybe you will find something for a future video.