Frequently Asked Question

Why should I release my music on the Free To Use Music record label?

There are many benefits when releasing your music through our record label. We release your music properly on all major music stores and streaming services. We promote your music as much as possible across all our platforms including the No Copyright Background Music YouTube channel and our popular Spotify playlists with tens of thousands of followersWe handle everything from distribution and promotion to selling licenses and taking care of copyright management etc.. so you can focus your time on doing what you do best – producing music. 

When releasing your music on the Free To Use Music record label you agree to give content creators permission to use your music for free in their personal user-generated content on various media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and Facebook.

There are two main reasons why artists choose to release their music as ‘free to use’ together with us.
1) They want to grow
their audience/following on social media. 
2) They want to generate a great passive income (we have many artists earning +1000 USD from their music every single month).

Let us explain how we’re able to help you achieve both. 

First, when you get their music released on the Free To Use Music record label then it is immediately listened to by tens of thousands of people. Many of these listeners are content creators looking for music for their own videos, and therefore they will want to download your music, so they can use it as background music in their videos. That’s why we always set up a download gate and put a link to it in the description of our YT video. These download gates make sure people will need to follow you on e.g. Spotify before they can download your music. This way you’ll be able to QUICKLY grow your social media followings on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud!
In addition, when the thousands of content creators use your music in their videos, then all of their combined millions of followers (yes we do have a lot of subscribers who are content creators with more than a million subscribers on their own YouTube channels) will get to listen to your music. We have seen this happen a lot of times where music tracks featured on the No Copyright Background Music YouTube channel have blown up because they have been used by popular content creators in their videos.

Second, we have a unique YouTube Content ID system in place which allow us to copyright claim people’s videos on YouTube only if they haven’t attributed the artist properly. More than 75% of people using our music do not properly attribute the artists, and we’re therefore able to generate large streams of revenue from this system by copyright claiming and collecting revenue from MILLIONS of YouTube videos.
If you don’t know what YouTube Content ID and copyright claims are then we’ll briefly explain it here: Content ID is a huge database of pretty much every single music track ever produced – we’re adding all our music to this database as well. Whenever someone uploads a video to YouTube, then YouTube automatically scans the video and holds it up against the Content ID database to see if there is a match (if the video contains any music from the Content ID database). If there is a match, then the artist/label will be able to place a copyright claim on the YouTube video. A copyright claim means that the artist/label will be able to collect all advertising revenue generated from the YouTube video.
Pretty much all popular artists out there either block or copyright claim people’s videos if they’re using their music. This is why YouTubers cannot just use their favorite music tracks in their videos. Our system is unique because it automatically scans all videos containing our music, looking for adequate attribution in the video description. This means that only the people who do not follow the rules and give proper attribution will receive a copyright claim on their video. The music released on our label has been used in millions of YouTube videos worldwide and when more than 75% of creators do not attribute the artist properly, then we are able to collect revenue from millions of YouTube videos and pay it to our artists. This revenue stream by far exceeds all other revenue streams like royalties from streaming services or sales of licenses.
Speaking of selling licenses – we also have a clean and simple shop where we’ll be selling licenses to people who want to use your music without having to include attribution and/or for commercial purposes.  

Apart from quickly growing your audience/following and earning a great passive income, then you should definitely also choose to release your music together with us because it’s super cool to help out creators and to see your music being used in all kinds of videos.

Even though there are so many good things to say about releasing music as free to use, then there are sadly also a few negative aspects, when it comes to copyright management. It is very likely that some people will try to steal your music and distribute it as their own in order to make some quick money… unfortunately we’ve seen this happen so many times. This can be very time consuming and draining to deal with as an artist. 

As an experienced record label that has been in this industry for many years now, then we are well aware of all the copyright-related issues which can happen. We know how to prevent the majority of these issues from happening in the first place, and if they do happen, then we do also know how to both handle and fix them.

When you choose to release your music together with us, then we take care of all copyright management. You don’t have to worry about dealing with any of these copyright-related issues, and this is another huge reason why many artists choose to release their music on the Free To Use Music record label.