Frequently Asked Question

Why should I release my music on the Free To Use Music record label?

The benefits of releasing your track through our record label are that we’ll promote your track as much as possible across all our social networks and release it on all the major music stores and streaming services, and you will get part of the revenue! Your music track will furthermore be added to our popular Spotify playlists with thousands of followers, and we’ll also promote it through different kinds of new format YouTube videos (like this one – 

When releasing your music on the Free To Use Music record label, then you agree to give content creators permission to use your music for free in their user generated content on SoMe platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook. The main reason why artists choose to release their music together with us is because they want to grow their audience/following. There are two aspects to this. 

Firstly, when artists get their music released on the Free To Use Music record label it is immediately being listened to by thousands of people. Many of these listeners are content creators looking for music for their videos, and therefore they will want to download the music, so they can use the music as background music in their videos. That’s why we always have a download link in the description of our videos, and these download links are always provided by the artists themselves. Many of our artists use services like Toneden or Hypeddit to create download gates, where people will need to follow them on their social media accounts before being able to download their music. This way our artists are able to grow their social media following on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud VERY quickly!

Secondly, when the thousands of content creators use the music in their videos, then all of their millions of followers (yes we do have a lot of subscribers who are content creators with more than a million subscribers on YouTube) will get to listen to your music. We have seen this happen a lot of times where music tracks on our YT-channel have blown up because they have been used by popular content creators in their videos.